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Quazite Underground Utility Pull Boxes & Handholes

Quazite manufactures many products that utility companies and contractors rely on for durable and safe solutions. Chapman Electric Supply carries a large range of Quazite boxes for your application needs. Request a quote online or call for pricing.   Chapman Electric Supply, Inc. is an authorized distributor of Quazite products.

Quazite PC Covers
Quazite PC Covers
Covers for PC style Quazite enclosures.

Quazite PC Handhole
Quazite PC Style Enclosures
Polymer concrete PC boxes for underground utility work.

Quazite PG Covers
Quazite PG Covers
Polymer concrete covers for PG style Quazite enclosures.

PG Quazite Handhole
Quazite PG Style Enclosures
Standard, heavy & extra heavy duty PG style Quazite boxes. 

Additional Information

Hubbell QUAZITE® encompasses a broad range of products for utilities, telecommunications, transportation, C&I, water and CATV industries. Quazite is known for cost efficient, durable and safe housing for underground utility systems. Professional engineers assist in the designing, fabricating and testing of Quazite® products. ”Polymer concrete is made from selectively-graded aggregates in combination with a polymer resin system. When combined through a process of mixing, molding and curing, an extremely powerful cross-linked bond is formed. Precast polymer concrete is reinforced with fiberglass for exceptional strength and rigidity.”

Quazite Boxes are available with logos for a wide range of industries including:

  • Blank
  • CATV
  • Electric
  • Fiber Optics
  • Telephone
  • Communications
  • Controls
  • Street Lighting
  • Traffic
  • Telecommunications
  • and More

Contact Chapman Electric Supply to learn more about Quazite pull boxes or to request pricing. 

Hubbell Inc., the parent company of Hubbell Power Systems and Quazite, is an international manufacturer of electrical and electronic products for a broad range of construction, industrial and utility applications.