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Pulling Eyes

Chapman Electric supplies pulling eyes for innerduct placement and wire pulling applications. For drawing cable between telephone poles, underground conduits and powerlines, browse our selection of pulling eyes or pulling grips. Our pulling eyes are compatible with large powerline cables, telephone cables and smaller fiber optic cable. We have a variety of pulling eye types from adjustable to swivel eyes for pulling wire in any situation.

  • Pulling Eyes

    Pulling Eyes

    CALL FOR ALL PRICES AND QUOTES (317-773-6712)Cable installation pulling eyes are used in a variety of situations to pull a variety of different types of cable.From large power and telephone cables to small and delicate fiber optic cable a wide range of...

  • Inner Duct Pullers

    Inner Duct Pullers

    CALL FOR ALL PRICING AND QUOTES (317-773-9789)00604/00605/00615 Series Inner Duct Pullers.These products are designed to install Polyethylene Ducting using a screw-in tapered buttress thread to grip the Inside diameter of the duct.They are typically used...