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Telephone Duct

Non-metallic, rigid PVC conduit designed for telecom applications.

  • TC-6 Telephone Duct and Fittings

    TC-6 Telephone Duct and Fittings

    CALL FOR PRICING AND QUOTES (800-767-1576) OR email:administrator@chapmanelectric.com2" EB-20 TC-6 DUCT 20' 3" EB-20 TC-6 DUCT 20' 4" EB-20 TC-6 DUCT 20' 5" EB-20 TC-6 DUCT 20' 6" EB-20 TC-6 DUCT 20' Carlon Adapters are designed to make transitions from...

  • Telephone Duct PVC

    Telephone Duct PVC

    PVC telephone duct is available in four types: Type B, Type B Heavy Wall, Type C, and Type D. Type B and Type B Heavy Wall are designed for concrete encased installations; Type C is designed for direct bury or concrete encased installations; Type D is...