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  • Klein 1702-20N Howe Wire Tool

    Klein 1702-20N Howe Wire ToolFeatures:Strap is made of tough nylon webbing.Swivel hook is forged steel with large opening.Shank of hook lengthened to reach under insulator.Other end has device to hold the load at any distance.All metal parts are...

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  • Klein 258 Anchor Hook

    Klein 258 Anchor HookFeatures:Forged hook is designed to slip under insulator and engage pin of cross arm.Maximum safe load 750 lbs. (340 kg). Standard on Klein block & tackle Cat. Nos. 1802-30 and H1802-30.

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  • Klein 455 Heavy-Duty Snap Hook

    Klein 455 Heavy-Duty Snap HookFeatures:Snaps on with one hand. Forged hook may be used on many conventional steel blocks, 4" (102 mm) or smaller. Maximum safe load 8000 lbs. (3629 kg).

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