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Bore-Gard PVC Conduit

Rigid, Nonmetallic Pipe for Horizontal Directional Drilling

Prime Conduit’s (Carlon) BoreGard datacom and electrical rigid PVC conduit is used for horizontal directional drilling. BoreGard reduces the high costs of HDPE pipe on a reel including: ovalizing, reel handling, fusion welding, uncoiling, wasted pipe, safety hazards, and additional job site labor.

Bore-Gard Features

  • Impermeable seal and locking ring for quick, glue-free installation
  • Strong enough for 1000 foot bores
  • Superior bending characteristics
  • Available sizes: Schedule 40 - 3", 4", 5", & 6" Schedule 80 - 3" & 4"
  • Available in 10’ and 20’ lengths
  • Available Types: Schedule 40 – Heavy wall; Schedule 80 - Extra Heavy wall

BoreGard rigid PVC pipe is made in straight sections, eliminating the ovalizing you can get with HDPE pipe. It has a swift, watertight joint that takes less than fifteen seconds to join. The materials used to create BoreGard remove the risk of spring back action experienced with HDPE pipe.

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