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HDPE Couplings

Underground Electrical Conduit Couplings, Connectors & Fittings

Chapman Electric supplies the telecommunications and electrical industry with coupling supplies for for joining HDPE pipe to steel, PVC or HDPE conduit.



Chapman Electric  Supply carries high-quality HDPE fittings from the manufacturers you trust like Duraline, B& C and Etco Specialties.

elock hdpe conduit connectors

Etco Specialties’ E-Loc connectors allow joining of conduit without fasteners,  solvent or adhesive and enable joining of dissimilar material or different  conduit sizes. Standard E-Loc Couplings are used to transition from HDPE pipe to PVC, Steel Conduit, Not for Pulling of HDPE during boring process.

B&C Reverse Thread Couplings, aka Jackmoon Couplings are non-metallic high-pressure rated airtight couplings for HDPE pipe and conduit. Right and left hand  Jackmoon fittings couple innerduct during pulling and directional  drilling operations.

jackmoon hdpe conduit connectors

Duraline’s ComFit  push-lock connectors are easily installed with no special tools.   Shur-Loc connectors are UL Listed, re-enterable, air-tight, water-tight, and only require one person for installation.

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