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Duct Rodders: Tuf Rods & Ruf Rods

Chapman Electric is your top provider for DCD Design and Manufacturing products.For cable duct rodders, we are your source. We have Ruf Rods and Tuf Rods in avariety of sizes to suit any jobsite application. A sturdy casing for fiberglassrods, the Ruf Rod fixtures have an EZ-Tip™ frame. The Tuf Rods have a 24 inchdiameter storage basket that holds 150 feet to 600 feet of fiberglass rods whilethe Ruf Rod is at a 34 inch diameter with a capacity of up to 1000 feetof fiberglass rods.

For more information regarding Duct Rodders or other DCD Design & ManufacturingLtd products, visit their website. Or contact us for more information regardingChapman Electric and their manufacturing partnerships.