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Highline Products

MacLean Highline Products has been manufacturing high quality electrical distribution equipment since 1967. Chapman Electric Supply is an authorized distributor of Highline Products’ access boxes for underground electrical applications.

Highline PHA Series Pull Boxes
Highline PHA Series Pull Boxes
PHA Series straight-wall, polymer concrete pull boxes from Highline Products allow for minimal...

Highline Product turf box
Highline Turf Boxes
Turf boxes from Highline Products in a variety of styles to meet all your irrigation needs.

Highline Access Boxes for Underground Utilities

Highline Products’ underground enclosures (sometimes known as Pentek access boxes) are designed for use in the pulling, splicing, and storing of cable, as well as to provide access to underground lines. Available in Tier 8, Tier 15, and Tier 22 varieties, these pull boxes provide three times the compressive strength of concrete at a fraction of the overall weight. Manufactured from specialty polymer concrete and fiberglass polymer concrete, they offer an exceptional resistance to chemicals, fertilizers, sunlight, impact, and corrosion for years of dependable use. Non-metallic, non-conductive, and non-flammable.

Designed for electrical utilities, Highline Products’ pull boxes are also ideal for telephone power, communications, CATV, and water line applications.

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