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HDPE Swivels

For breakaway swivels, line swivels and anchor hooks, Chapman Electric is the provider for your electrical project needs. For use with high quality, strong cable grips, they are made from high tensile stainless steel, forged steel, and other quality materials. They are designed to handle a variety of tensions and loads. They are used to prevent unwinding, twisting, or rotating of lines and cables.       

Chapman Electric supplies a variety of tools used by power companies, the telecommunication industry, and other electrical project job sites. Partnering with a multitude of manufacturers, we bring you quality products as well as great prices. 

For more information on breakaway and line swivels or other products carried by Chapman Electric Supply, contact us!

  • Condux Rope to Rope/Grip Clevis

    10,000 lb capacity with stainless steel construction; provides efficient link for several applications. Rope to Rope/Grip Clevis Features 7/8” (22 mm) rope to 7/8” rope Rope to forged eye pulling grip Forged eye pulling grip to forged eye...

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  • Condux Rope to Swivel Clevis

    Connects swivel to rope up to 1” (25 mm) in diameter; precision machined stainless steel. Use with following 808 Champion Swivels: 1 ¼”, 1 3/8”, 1 5/8”, 2” If you don’t see the exact Condux product you are...

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  • DCD00505-030 Line Swivel

    DCD00505-030 Line Swivel:*Safe Working Load 3:1 Underground 10,000 lb. Key Benefits:Compact design High safe working load Manufactured from high tensile stainless steelOverall Diameter: 1 5/8"Overall Length: 6"Net Weight: 2.10 lb.

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  • DCD00505-035 Line Swivel

    DCD00505-035 Line Swivel:Line swivels are designed to allow cable to unwind during a cable installation. Placed between the utility being installed and the pull line, the line swivel relieves strain which would have been placed on the puller. The...

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  • DCD00550-005 5/8" BREAKAWAY SWIVEL

    These line swivels are not designed to run around bullwheels. The breakaway swivel is supplied with slotted clevis pins standard, and the breakaway pin kits include ten pins. These products are designed to be used during cable installation where you...

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  • DCD00550-010 Breakaway Swivel

    DCD00550-010 Breakaway Swivel:00550 Series Breakaway Swivel.- NOT SUITABLE FOR DIRECTIONAL DRILLINGThese products are designed to be used during cable installation where you need to define a particular breaking pointKey Benefits:Patent designVarious...

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  • DCD00550-020 1 1/4" BREAKAWAY SWIVEL

    These products are designed to be used during cable installation where you need to define a particular breaking point. It is constructed from stainless steel and the breakaway pins are color coded for identification.       NOTE: NOT SUITABLE FOR...

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  • Klein 470 Swivel Hook with Plunger Latch

    Klein 470 Swivel Hook with Plunger LatchFeatures:Forged steel with swivel clevis and quick-acting plunger-style latch. Designed to take 1/2" (13 mm) or lighter hand lines. Swivel action prevents accidental fouling into secondary wires. Maximum safe load...

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  • Standard Connectors

    CALL FOR ALL PRICING AND QUOTES (317-773-6712)These 00652 Eye to Eye Connectors are the standard Chain Swivel used in many applications. The two halves will not rotate under load, but are useful for aligning products. They are forged from carbon steel...