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Machine/Woodworking Shop

For your small or low volume machine shop or woodworking shop, the Ronk Econo-Phase Shifter is an ideal power converter. This low cost, high efficiency option is designed to operate motors that do not require full load ratings to run their driven loads. Ronk Econo-Phase Shifter medium-duty converters utilize run capacitors to maintain three-phase current.

The capacitors used in the Econo-Phase Shifter are based on the actual horsepower rating of the motor, ensuring that motor in the upper range do not run short of capacitance in heavier loaded conditions. This allows full-load operation for when needed, and continuous 2/3 to 3/4 load operation when full capacity is not required.

Ronk Econo-Phase Shifters are perfect for tools and equipment that utilize low RPM motors.

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