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Universal Ballast

Universal Lighting Technologies

Universal Lighting Technolgies equipment is leading industrial equipment in the commercial lighting area. Chapman Electric proudly offers electric and HID ballast equipment. View Universal Ballast products below.

Universal Lighting Technologies is the global leader in commercial lighting products. Equipment from by Universal Ballast is used by more companies for their dependability and reliability than any other lighting equipment available. Chapman Electric provides Universal Lighting Technologies manufactured items, the most reliable of electrical and lighting products. Based in Nashville, Tennessee, Universal Lighting Technologies manufacturers and distributes their Universal®, Triad® and Signa® brand names worldwide. They strive to bring customers the best lighting ballast products available by continually conducting new research. Their lighting research results in manufacturing innovative products that are the industry’s most advanced engineered and energy saving designs.

Chapman Electric carries electronic linear fluorescent, HID and electronic signing ballasts. They also provide energy management lighting control, compact fluorescent solutions and more.

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