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Underground Cable

Chapman Electric has a multiplicity of electrical supplies available including various cables and underground cables. Made to withstand harsh environments, for indoor or outdoor use, our underground cables and circuit board cables are made ready to install. They are utilized in power circuits and lighting circuits. Our various cables have different voltage requirements to accommodate any electrical project. They are water resistant, available in a selection of jackets, and utilized in all different industrial markets.

Contact us  for more information regarding our various underground cables or other electrical task products!

  • Armored Interlock Cable

    Armored Interlock Cable

    CALL FOR ALL PRICING AND QUOTES (317-773-6712) 600 Volt UL Type MC, CT Use, 90°CXLP VW-1 XHHW-2 InsulationAluminum Armor Copper ConductorsApplication:For use in harsh environments where maximum conductor protection is required.Used for power, control and...

  • Armored Interlock Connectors

    Armored Interlock Connectors

    CALL FOR ALL PRICING AND QUOTES (800-767-1576)Rain Tight ConnectorsNon-Hazardous EnvironmentFor Type MC Cables Application:MCRA series rain tight connectors provide efficient, cost effective terminations of corrugated metal-clad cable, whether continuous...

  • G-GC Portable Mining Cable

    G-GC Portable Mining Cable

    CALL FOR ALL PRICING AND QUOTES(800-767-1576) 3 or 4 Conductor (8 Gauge thru 500)Portable Power Cable - Type G-GC G-GC portable Mining Cable ApplicationPortable mining cable designed for heavy-duty temporary or permanent use where maximum resistance to...

  • Diesel Locomotive Cable

    Diesel Locomotive Cable

    Diesel Locomotive Cable CALL FOR ALL PRICING AND QUOTES (317-773-6712) 6 GAUGE THRU 535.3 2000 Volt, 90°C RHW-2 or RHH (UL) EPR Insulation, CPE Jacket Flexible Copper Conductor Application: For use on diesel-electric locomotive and car equipment and in...

  • Multi Conductor Tray Cable

    Multi Conductor Tray Cable

    CALL FOR ALL PRICING AND QUOTES (317-773-9789) 18 GAUGE thru 500MCM Application: General purpose cable for use in power, control and lighting circuits in a broad range of commercial and industrial applications. Approved for continuous operation at...

  • Klein 46037  Cable Splicer's Kit

    Klein 46037 Cable Splicer's Kit

    46037 Klein Cable Splicer's Kit contains cable-splicer's knife # 44200, electrician's scissors with stripping notches #2100-7, a slotted leather holder #5187 for belts up to 2" wide

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