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  • KLEIN CL110 400A AC Clamp Meter

    Measures AC current via the clamp and AC/DC voltage, resistance and continuity via test-leads Built to withstand a 3.3 ft. (1m) drop CAT III 600V, Class 2, Double insulation safety rating Backlit display for clear...

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  • Klein CL330 Auto-Ranging Digital Clamp Meter

    Features best-in-class high-visibility dual-line OLED display screen, which presents information in reverse contrast to standard meters. High-visibility in reduced ambient lighting, as well as bright outdoor environments, and at acute...

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  • Klein CL700 Digital Clamp Meter

    CL700 DIGITAL CLAMP METER, AC AUTO-RANGING TRMS, LOW IMPEDANCE (LoZ) MODE Clamp Meter with automatically ranging true mean squared (TRMS) technology for increased accuracy Electronic Tester's clamp measures AC current and its thermocouple probe measures...

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  • KLEIN ET300 Digital Circuit Breaker Finder

    ET300 Digital Circuit Breaker Finder by Klein Tools Quickly, accurately, and automatically find the corresponding circuit breaker of any 120V standard outlet. Flashing arrow indicator for easy identification. Strong transmitter reaches...

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  • Klein VDV770-834 Test-N-Map Remote Kit

    Maximize your VDV Commander with single-step Test-n-Map Remotes Test, map and identify a location in a single step! Cuts testing and identification time in half. Test and identify up to eight locations at once with tester. Kit...

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