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Circuit Breakers of all Types

Chapman Electric Circuit Breakers

Circuit Breakers of all types, New and Obsolete Circuit Breakers for all types of Panels.

Chapman Electric Supply, Inc. also handles or can order older reconditioned Circuit Breakers.

Types of Circuit Breakers:

These Circuit Breakers include such names as: Federal Pacific/ American, General Electric, ITE, Square D, Sylvania, Westinghouse,Challenger, Murray, Siemans, Wadsworth, Zinsco, ITE Pushmatic, and Cutler Hammer.

Circuit Breakers come with a one year warranty.

If Circuit Breakers are ordered incorrectly, there will be a 25% restocking fee upon our receipt of the returned breaker.

Federal Pacific/American Circuit Breaker
Federal Pacific/American Federal Pacific/American
General Electric Circuit Breakers
General Electric General Electric
ITE Circuit Breaker
Square D Circuit Breaker
Square D Square D
Westinghouse Circuit Breaker
Westinghouse Westinghouse
Challenger Circuit Breaker
Challenger Challenger
Wadsworth Circuit Breaker
Wadsworth Wadsworth
Murray Circuit Breaker
Murray Murray
Zinsco Circuit Breakers
Zinsco Zinsco
ITE Pushamatic Circuit Breaker
ITE Pushamatic ITE Pushamatic

Call Today to Order Your Circuit Breaker

Please Call Chapman Electric Supply, Inc. for a Free Quote on the Circuit Breaker you need. Just call with Circuit Breaker part number you are looking for at 800-767-1576.