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Klein: Tools Of the Trade

A Guide Choosing the Right Klein Tools for the Beginning Electrician

If you are an electrician chances are you have heard of Klein tools, and know Klein as the number one preferred brand of hand tools in the electrical trade. Klein tools are made with you, the electrician, in mind.

If you are just starting out in the electrical field here are a few hand tools you will want to start out with:

  • First you will need a tool pouch. We suggest the Klein 5164 eight pocket leather tool pouches along with the Klein 5202 tool belt. It comes in medium, large and extra large.
  • The d203-8 heavy duty long nose pliers are great for working in boxes and forming wire loops.
  • The d213-9netp high leverage side cutting pliers with the fish tape puller is a must. You can use it for twisting wires together along with cutting your wire also. The fish tape puller allows you to get a good grip on your tape while you are pulling.
  • A pair of diagonal cutters we recommend are the d248-8 with the angled head. They are ideal for clipping wire ends in constricted places.
  • Some of the screwdrivers you will need are
    • The 603-3 Phillips -- a number 1 Phillips cushioned grip screwdriver with a 3 inch heavy duty round shank.
    • The 603-4 is a number 2 Phillips cushioned grip screwdriver with a 4 inch heavy duty round shank.
    • The 605-4 is a ¼ inch cabinet tip screwdriver with a cushioned grip and a 4 inch heavy duty round shank.
    • The 606-6 is the same as the 605-4 but the shank is 6 inches. These are primarily used on breaker panels and outlets.
    • The 670-6 is a 3/16 inch rapi-driv cabinet tip screwdriver; it makes quick work of outlets.
  • Having a tape measure that is double sided is a must. The 908-25 is a 25 foot by 1inch power return rule. One of the most important items in your tool pouch is your wire strippers. The 11045 wire stripper and cutter will save you loads of time. It strips 10-18 awg solid wire.
  • One last item you will need is something for eye protection. The 60056 frameless protective eyewear will help keep unwanted particles and objects out of your eyes.

These are just a few Klein Tools that will make your job easier. For the journeyman electrician you may want to look into Klein journeyman series. If you have any questions feel free to contact us.