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Why Use Cable in Conduit for Underground Utility Projects?

Cable in Conduit (CIC) is a smooth-walled, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) conduit with preinstalled wires or cables, and provides 1-step installation. CIC conduit may contain single or multiple wire and/or cable configurations.   Cables and wires are inserted into the conduit during the extrusion process and the conduit is then coiled onto reels. It is often used in underground utility, communication, transportation, commercial, industrial, and government applications.

What Are The Advantages of CIC?

The efficient 1-setp installation of CIC has multiple advantages over non-CIC duct:
  1. Saves time on the jobsite, since cable does not have to be pulled separately and there are no joints to glue as with stick HDPE duct
  2. Improves job safety, as workers spend less time with open trenches in  high traffic areas
  3. Provides more damage-resistance of cables during shipping and installation
  4. Offers long term protection of cables from changing ground conditions, rock and tree roots
  5. Can be installed using directional drilling, trenching or plowing, options for aerial and concrete encasement are also available
  6. Multiple conduit diameters are available to fit a variety of applications
  7. Single to multiple wire and cable configurations are available to fit a variety of applications
  8. Allows gradual bends without special equipment, as it is highly flexible
  9. Able to be installed in cold climates due to excellent cold low temperature properties
  10. Less equipment is needed on the job-site since cables don’t need to be pulled separately
  11. Provides a permanent pathway for cables and simplifies cable replacement in the future
  12. Wire/cables  are lubricated prior to can be easily removed
  13. Standards can include: ASTM D3485, UL 1990 and/or NEMA TC7

What Types of Cable Are Available for CIC?

  • Fiber
  • Coaxial
  • MicroDucts
  • Service Drops
  • Medium Voltage
  • 600 Volt Copper
  • 600 Volt Aluminum

Please contact us if you have any questions or would like more information. You can also visit our CIC page to view conduit options and request a quote.