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Need pricing? Request a quote for any of our HDPE pipe and we'll get back to you fast - same day!

HDPE pricing fluctuates with resin costs. To make sure you get the best price, Chapman Electric determines prices per quote.  Request a quote below, contact us, or call 800-767-1576 and we will be happy to help!

  • Dura-Line Smooth Wall HDPE Conduit Dura-Line Smooth Wall HDPE Conduit

    Dura-Line Smooth Wall HDPE Conduit

    All Dura-Line's smooth wall conduit meets or exceeds one or more of the following specifications: ASTM F-2160, ASTM D-3035, ASTM D-2239, ASTM D-3485, NEMA TC-7, UL 651, UL 1990, Bellcore GR-356 Details: Smooth inner and outer walls Co-extruded with...

  • Dura-Line Cable-in-Conduit (HDPE CIC)

    Dura-Line Cable-in-Conduit (HDPE CIC)

    Make your job easier by ordering your cable pre-installed in conduit piping! Cable-in-conduit (CIC) saves you time by providing you with power and telecommunication cables already installed within the conduit. Save labor and time by removing the lengthy...

  • Geothermal HDPE Pipe

    Geothermal HDPE Pipe

    Duraline Geothermal HDPE is ecologically efficient, but tough enough to function in extreme conditions. The manufacturing process requires significantly less energy to fabricate, transport, and install compared to other pipe products. Strong, durable,...

  • Dura-Line Tracer Wire Innerduct

    Dura-Line Tracer Wire Innerduct

    Dura-Line's tracer wire innerduct has a single copper wire co-extruded onto the tube wall providing a corrosion resistant conductor used for locating underground fiber optic cable. Tracer wire innerduct is generally made to order. Contact us for lead...

  • Dura-Line Ribbed Wall Conduit Dura-Line Ribbed Wall Conduit

    Dura-Line Ribbed Wall Conduit

    Dura-Line's ribbed inner wall, smoot outer wall duct allows extremely long cable pulls to pull through the raised interior ribs. It is available in any SDR and SIDR rating. Details: Co-extruded with SILICORE lining for longer cable pulls and higher...