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Ronk Duo Add-A-Phase converters include outstanding design features that make them perfect for HVAC unit operation. A Duo Add-A-Phase converter allows you to operate multiple three-phase motors from a single-phase power source. This saves you money in energy costs by only running the converter at full capacity when necessary. All of the individual motors in your HVAC system can run independently, using only a fraction of the Add-A-Phase converter’s capacity—standard converters operate at full capacity when any amount of energy is required, even if only one of the motors operating.

Ronk Duo Add-A-Phase converters are rugged, high efficiency units, achieving approximately 97% efficiency—standard converters typically operate at less than 90% efficiency. Add-A-Phase converters are available up to 125 HP, and can be configured to accommodate up to six individual motors in a single system. Ronk Duo Add-A-Phase converters also feature built-in redundancy which allows unaffected converters in the system to continue operating if one of the converters should fail.

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