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Passenger Elevator

Ronk Type AA Add-A-Phase power converters are uniquely suited for use in passenger elevators. They contain load sensing circuits which allow the run capacitors to automatically switch in and out, depending on changes in the motors’ load requirements. Type AA Add-A-Phase power converters are especially effective in applications where loads may vary more than 50%, as they can more easily supply the necessary power for heavier loads, while reducing power in lighter-load situations. Standard converters produce equal amounts of power in all situations, regardless of the load.

Add-A-Phase power converters deliver highly efficient three-phase power from single-phase power sources. They’re available in a variety of voltages up to 125 HP, and run at approximately 97% efficiency, far better than the less than 90% efficiency of other types of converters. Type AA Add-A-Phase power converters require no special start circuits to “come up to speed.” They also operate very quietly, a significant advantage for indoor applications such as passenger elevators.

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