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Nsi Tork 7000 Series Timers

Nsi Tork 7000 series commercial grade timers let you skip days of operation. Automatic ON/OFF control when operation is required at the same time every day, with optional versatility of one to six days omission.


Nsi Tork 7000 Series Timers with Skip- A-Day Function

  • Lighting
  • Heating
  • Pumps
  • Air Conditioning
  • Signs
Nsi Tork 700 Series Features:
  • Scheduling: Minimum ON setting is 20 minutes with minimum OFF setting at 75 minutes. Dial accommodates up to 12 pairs of trippers. One pair included.
  • Skip-A-Day: Omit operations on any day with a 7-spoke wheel marked with days of week. 3 omitting screws included.
  • Manual Override: Until the next regularly scheduled ON or OFF, automatic operation then resumes.
  • Optional Reserve Power: “L” models keep dial on time up to 16 hours during power outage. STANDARDS: Listed UL917