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Lutron Products, Including Dimmers, Fan Controls & Light Switches

Lutron products from Chapman electric include dimmers, switches and fan controls. Chapman Electric Supply, Inc. is an authorized distributor of Lutron products. 

Lutron Electronics Co., Inc. began with their first product, the dimmer switch, in 1961. Lutron provides Chapman Electric with a large selection of Lutron dimmers, fan controls, switches and packages of switches. After over forty-five years in the lighting control business, Lutron is still dedicated to conducting innovative research and design of lighting for a home of business. They provide energy saving lighting that keeps within your budget but still enhances the appearance and atmosphere of any room. Energy efficient lighting using dimmer switches is a cost efficient way to light your home.

Lutron provides ten energy saving lighting solutions:Energy dimming with the touch of a button, LED and fluorescent dimmers, Occupancy sensors, Daylight sensors, Homeworks® fan speed control, Shading solutions, Sustainable fabrics, Green button programming, Automated lighting, and Vacation mode.

Contact Chapman Electric Supply regarding the full line of Lutron products available. Chapman Electric provides the energy efficient tools and accessories you need to complete electrical projects.