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Electronic Photo Control




Designed for Long Life

  • Improved ON/OFF switching with high quality relays
  • Zero-crossing electronic circuitry for extended life
  • Employs electronic components exclusively selected to meet extended life targets
  • Conformal coated PCB assemblies for long term

Tested for Long Life

  • Products tested to full ON/OFF lifecycles under tungsten, magnetic and electronic ballast loads
  • Electronic ballast testing per NEMA 410 to ensure compatibility with today’s array of electronic ballasts and drivers
  • 6 amp electronic ballast rating

Warrantied for Long Life

  • 8-year warranties
  • Intermatic brand assurance for peace of mind and trouble-free implementation

More Features

  • High load ratings for multi-fixture installations for each photo control
  • Enhanced surge protection with 255 J MOV
  • Meets or exceeds ANSI C136.24 and UL/CSA requirements