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Tiiger Pole Puller

Pole Pullers, Pole Jacks, Pole Butt Pullers - no matter what they are called - are important truck accessory tools for any linemen working in the electric utility or telecommunications industry.

Although it is quite common to find crews using their digger derrick booms or even buckets to pull utility poles, it is just a matter of time before the boom bends into a banana-like shape. Most tragic are cases where winch lines have snapped, catapulting the bucket operator to his death.

Such senseless equipment damage and personal injury need not occur if all utility trucks were equipped with pole pullers. But not all pullers are created equal.

TIIGER, INC. has developed the TIIGER pole puller - the "cadillac" of pullers - with safety features all crews will appreciate. Our utility equipment was designed by a lineman for linemen.