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Tork 1103-0 Metal Outdoor 120v DPST

Tork 1103-0 Metal Outdoor 120v DPST | Swimming Pool Time Switches

[Tork 1103-0]

Price: $95.07


24 Hour Time Switches

Automatic On-Off Times Each Day

Tork 1103-0 Metal Outdoor Timer (120v DPST) Applications:

The Tork 1100 Series Timers are great swimming pool time switches! With automatic ON-OFF control when operation is required at the same time every day, these timers are an affordable solution. The “FM” suffix models have a low voltage secondary circuit that turns off the water heater thermostat 20-30 minutes prior to the main circuit turning off the pump. This allows the heater coils a chance to cool down slowly, limiting any steam build-up or knocking that might occur and thereby prolonging the life of the heater.

Lighting Control
Air Conditioning
Water Heating

Tork 1103-0 Metal Outdoor 120v DPST Timer Specifications:

Contact Ratings:

40 Amp. Tungsten, 120 VAC
40 Amp. Resistive, 120-277 VAC Single Phase
40 Amp. General Purpose, 120-277 VAC Single Phase
20 Amp. Inductive 120 VAC, 277 VAC Single Phase
1000 VA Pilot Duty 120-277 VAC
2 HP (24 FLA) 120 VAC; 5 HP (28 FLA) 240 VAC
Water Heater Circuit: 760VA 24 V

Timing Motor:

Heavy duty synchronous, self-starting high torque
Power Consumption: 3 watts

Automatic Operation:

  “FM” Option:

       Minimum ON setting: 45 minutes
       Minimum OFF setting: 90 minutes
       One pair of ON-OFF trippers supplied – accommodates up to 3 pairs
       Dial markings are in English, French and Spanish

   All Other Models:

       Minimum ON setting: 20 minutes
       Minimum OFF setting: 75 minutes
       One pair of ON-OFF trippers supplied – accommodates up to 12 pairs
       Dial markings are in English, French and Spanish

Temporary Manual Override: Available

Operating Temperature Range: –40° to +165°F. (–40° to +74°C.)


General Purpose (NEMA 1, Indoor Only)
Drawn steel, beige enamel, with combination 1/2” and 3/4” K.O.’s on sides, bottom and back
Lockable hasp
Cover is removable and movement releases from case at finger touch for easy installation
Back has keyhole as well as matching screw holes for quick mounting over single gang box

Mounting Tork 1103-0 Metal outdoor 120v DPST Timers:

Model IAP–Intermatic® Adapter - Plate–allows any TORK 1100 model to fit into an Intermatic case without necessity of changing enclosure.
Noryl® Indoor/Outdoor NEMA 3R (suffix N) – Model 9000N*.
Metal Indoor/Outdoor NEMA 3 (suffix O) – Model 9000A* (hinged side).
Metal Flush, with lock and key (suffix FL 1) – Model 9001*.
Metal Duplex (suffix DUOL) – 2 standard units in one indoor/outdoor case, surface– Model 9004L*.
*Use model number when ordering special enclosures separately.

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